Kancelaria Prawna Waliszewski-Jeliński

Doradztwo Podatkowe i Prawne


We provide day-to-day tax and legal services to businesses with a focus on international companies. Our Law Office renders three categories of service:

Court Proceedings

Our three legal counsels have broad experience in representing Clients in the proceedings before both common courts of law and courts of arbitration. We represent Clients in conducting civil and commercial litigations, including recognition of enforceability of foreign courts? decisions in Poland. In addition, we prepare opinions and legal analyses on those issues. We are also involved in cases involving administrative procedures as well as arbitration, register and enforcement proceedings.

Day-to-day Legal Services

  • preparing drafts of agreements and verification of existing contracts,
  • preparing analyses and interpretations of regulations currently in force,
  • informing of anticipated legislative changes,
  • advising on labour law, particularly with respect to entering into and termination of employment contracts,
  • assisting in negotiations with business partners,
  • collecting overdue receivables and debts.

Tax Advice

Our tax advice focuses on preparing practical and optimal solutions for any tax issue that may arise in the course of business activity.

We provide the following services to our Clients:

  • comprehensive advisory supervision under standard agreement - analyses of tax problems and issues arising in the course of our Clients? regular business operations, with respect to specific characteristics of the Client?s area of business activity, as well as information of any amendments to tax regulations, planned or coming into force,
  • support in evaluating tax consequences of ongoing business operations, assistance in developing tax effective investment strategies, business financing models as well as restructuring scenarios,
  • capital transaction advisory services, including due diligence, transaction preparation and analysis of transaction documentation from the taxation perspective,
  • drawing up tax optimisation plans for businesses as well as providing support in reducing tax exposure and building long-term tax management strategies,
  • representing clients at every stage of various types of proceedings conducted before Polish tax authorities and administrative courts with respect to tax obligations (drawing up applications, complaints, grievances, objections, appeals or petitions),
  • transfer pricing (risk assessment, verification or preparation of transfer pricing documentation).